The simple way to explore & share Interesting LOCOs..!
We use 'LOCO' as the name of any location/geopoint. The idea & service has been developed by a small team of passionate entrepreneurs living in parallel reality, aka WareNinja
* Extra info for curious users;
LOCO as a word means 'crazy' in Spanish language, and when you say 'LOCO8', the sound resembles 'locate' and 'craziness' all together
It is open community service which lets you tag ANY geo-point as per your interest. Ambitiously, we aim to turn things upside down by redefining classical descriptions of social locations! POI means Point-of-Interest in classical world, however LOCO8 aims to re-define this as Interesting POint to give full freedom to everyone!
If YOU are at that location, this makes it interesting enough..!
You can tag & share & discover any LOCO mainly to please the question "Why you are there?"
All tagged locations are PUBLIC and shared across LOCO8 clients (mobile, web, etc). Sharing on Facebook is completely at your choice, and you can enable/disable this while TAGling!
For example, when you tag a LOCO it appears like " @LOCO-nickname tagged this LOCO with ['tag1', 'tag2'] " e.g. @WareNinja TAGled this LOCO with [ best mexican food! | Zuper HOT..! ]
Private user information is/will NEVER be shared anywhere, we respect your privacy!
By following two basic steps using one of our clients; Connect using your Facebook account (we doNOT touch or store your credentials!) pick yourself a nickname and now you are LOCO8 user, hooraay!
We have nicely integrated with Facebook's API; seamless login and frictionless sharing is in core of our apps.
For authentication and basic profile information to uniquely identify you.
LOCO8 doesNOT store any sensitive profile information or your credentials on the backend side, neither on the client side! Facebook integration is mainly to leverage the Open Graph capabilities to apply social design approach in our service!
The key information we use is your unique Facebook id together with very basic profile information, the service flows are implemented carefully to be compliant with Facebook Open Graph API policies.
Currently, we have implemented only Android client so far, thereby works on all Android devices with version 2.2 and higher.
Responsive WEB is on its way, it will be ready to serve sooner than later!
iOS (IPhone+IPad) client is on our roadmap, we need your patience and support...
just search for 'LOCO8' or 'WareNinja' on Google Play Store and Amazon AppStore
Details are here
It got [r]evolved nicely into LOCO8!
Service flow and use-case has been completely revised, better to say, redefined! Hope you enjoy LOCO8 and future revisions...
real user feedback is the essence of success!
Thereby, please share your comments, feedback, suggestions... share, write, scream, shout, jump around..!
Ah btw, developers are the most welcome to join our hackathons, we can provide early access to our API too
Well... remember that we are Incognito Ninjas! we can be everywhere and nowhere ;-)
LOCO8 ninjas are crunching so hard to add new features, we have lots of things we dream to do.
Keep in touch by following us on our Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Discussion Group, email...
Plz check About page for all contact details.

About Company

BEERSTORM is the new entity created by WareNinja!
LOCO8 service has been adopted and [re]volved into shiny new form.
motto: changing the world... one idea at a time!

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